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Stacked power inductor for high speed switching frequency DC-DC converter IC

2018/11/24 20:21
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With the versatility of mobile devices, the operating voltage of their power circuits has also diversified. Specifically, in the case of a typical mobile phone, in addition to the original call function, various functions such as a camera, a broadcast, and a television have become a universal standard function. The voltages required for the operation of these functions are different. To this end, the battery voltage must be converted by the power conversion circuit to the voltage required for the normal operation of each circuit. Switching controllers (often referred to as DC-DC converters) with high power conversion efficiency are mostly used.

With the versatility of mobile devices, the operating voltage of their power circuits has also diversified. Specifically, in the case of a typical mobile phone, in addition to the original call function, various functions such as a camera, a broadcast, and a television have become a universal standard function. The voltages required for the operation of these functions are different. To this end, the battery voltage must be converted by the power conversion circuit to the voltage required for the normal operation of each circuit. Switching controllers (often referred to as DC-DC converters) with high power conversion efficiency are mostly used.